Get up Stand up, stand up for your food rights!

the work of Mark Hess. Illustration by Mark Hess..

I am pleased to see the trend of Non-GMO slow foods here in our local communities propagated by talented small scale local farmers. We are empowered against what our fore fathers and mothers who brought open pollinated seed to this country could not imagine; a future dominated by a few corporate food systems. I believe Orwell was misguided when he portrayed our government as “big brother” but what has become “the corporation” as the govenor’s of our future which can dictate taste and food supply. The new labeling law suit against Monsanto is just the beginning of our community’s effort to protect the anthropology and authenticity of foods and the lifestyles of the farmers who grow them. Furthermore it will help protect the consumer and promote awareness of what is being offered to us – biased science and dangerous foods motivated by short term profits.
Support local foods,local farms and local families! Join a Community Support Agriculture (CSA subscription) and shop at your local Farmers Market. Ask questions,talk about how your food is grown. Get to know your farmer and take an active stance against genetically modified foods.

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Natural whole food producer of nutritious vegetables and exquisite eggs. Farmer of 8 years M.S. Plant and Environmental Science, Clemson University BA Biology, CUNY
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  1. Lucy Hoffman says:

    I am delighted to finally participate in this. I’m greatly looking forward to the fresh foods that you grow. I need to be more educated in this process.

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