Tales from a Sustainable Micro Farm, A Diary of 18th Century Farming in the 21st Century

Farmer Richard Kouyoumjian

Farmer Richard Kouyoumjian

Bare hands laden with earth
Sweat covered brows anticipate the birth
With varieties calling me back to culture
I beat my swords into plowshares and spears into pruning hooks
And commit thee to a fertile sepulcher
Why the aches? Why the pains?
To merely come again?
No, it is something beyond words and time, prudence and convention
Of wisdom of rite of motherly affection
It is the itch, the husbandry of ancients
To be at one at peace and turmoil, a sentient
From sow to reap and far from cheap
These offerings which nourish thought by Native Americans as medicine
Flourish in the full sun and to market are destine
To share, to commune to defend the right
Of each true-seed, each epicurean’s delight
I honor those of the original green revolution
Of each passing century who stopped, looked and offered solution
Columella, Tusser, Dickson whose shoulders Jefferson stood
King, Steinner and Howard who conferred dung is good
These are my agricultural heroes who’s roots run deep like Darwin’s study of gavitism
The garden as a religious source of inspiration and catechism
The essence of self, true and wholly attainable
To love, honor and cherish is the definition of sustainable


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Natural whole food producer of nutritious vegetables and exquisite eggs. Farmer of 8 years M.S. Plant and Environmental Science, Clemson University BA Biology, CUNY
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  1. Jen St.Martin says:

    Beautiful Poem! Love how it captures the connectedness sustainable gardening provokes to ancestry.

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