What to Spray on my Basil to promote Growth

Depending on where you live and your growing conditions your basil should parallel your tomatoes and likewise basil tends to follow seasonal temperature increase culminating in sufficient growth for harvest mid-June through July here in the south-east. Dilute 5-1-1 Fish emulsion will give it a boost. Also work compost,rotted manure,keep weeds cultivated keep soil loose, compost tea concoctions and keep soil moist but not water logged. What interests me most about growing any herb or fruit is the intensity to focus on the needs of the specific plant. This becomes a challenge when I need to grow 30+ vegetables for CSA and market. Each plant has it’s own character if you will. Basil in my experience is shy at first and vulnerable but once it hardens off and roots well its carefree. Deadhead flowers for bushier growth. Try using a root stimulator which boosts the P and the K available to the plant(non-hormonal).
Other facts:
pH 6-7
6-8 hours of sunlight
plant 6-12″ a part
deeply water every 7-10 days

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  1. Kevin says:

    I did exactly what Richard said and moved my basil 10 feet left to where I had 6-8 hours of sun and POW! That one basil plant is now flowering! I can’t harvest it fast enough.

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